Infertility Treatment in Males

Infertility Treatment in Males

Male infertility can result from low sperm production, abnormal sperm function, obstruction to the passage of sperm, and erectile dysfunction.

Various reasons for male infertility are –

  1. Hormonal problems – There is an imbalance of male reproductive hormones.
  2. Physical causes – These disturbs the sperm production and blockage of the ejaculatory pathway. It may be caused by infections, injury etc.
  3. Sexual problems – The physical and psychological problems – erectile dysfunction (impotency), early ejaculation and inability to ejaculate are examples of intercourse problems.
  4. Environment & lifestyle – Males exposed to hazardous substances in their workplace – chemicals, insecticides, adhesives, silicones and radiation, occupations requiring prolonged sitting (such as driving) or being exposed to high temperatures (such as bakeries) affects the sperm production. Alcohol consumption, smoking, repeated use of drugs such as cocaine and cannabinoids damages the sperm DNA and affects the sperm quality.
  5. Genetic factors – Genetic factors can be grouped into two – chromosomal abnormalities and single-gene mutations.

Our clinic is renowned male infertility clinic for providing excellent infertility treatment for male. In our clinic, we provide highly reliable, advanced medical treatments and basic infertility workup in males:

History and General physical examination – This includes complete medical and surgical history, sexual, personal and social history.

Semen analysis – It is a routine test to assess the sperm parameters. Semen is collected by masturbation in sterile container.

Scrotal doppler ultrasound – This is to assess the problems of male reproductive organs – testicular volume, varicocele, hydrocele etc.

Hormonal levels – Hormones produced by the pituitary gland, hypothalamus and testicles help in sexual development and sperm production. Abnormalities in hormonal or organ systems causes male infertility. A blood test measures the level of hormones – FSH, LH, prolactin, thyroid, testosterone and estradiol.

Post-ejaculation urinalysis – Sometime sperms are present in urine which indicate sperms are traveling backward into the bladder instead of coming out of penis during ejaculation (retrograde ejaculation).

Genetic tests – When sperm concentration is extremely low or absent, there could be a genetic cause. Genetic testing including karyotype can diagnose various congenital or inherited syndromes.

Testicular biopsy – This test involves taking testicular tissue samples from the testicle to check for sperms.

Consult with Dr. Kaberi Banerjee, best male infertility specialists providing best infertility treatment for male in Delhi with a high success rate.

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