Our Facilities

Latest in medical technology and expert team of
doctors ensures high success rate.

At Advanced Fertility Centre, we are engaged in providing surrogacy services to our patients with exclusive and advanced medical technology. Our expert embryology team possess a deep knowledge and experience in all the angles of IVF and embryology and enjoys a higher than average success rate. Approximately 60 per cent of our donor/surrogacy clients are immensely happy with a positive pregnancy result on their very first try and more than 90 per cent got fruitful results on the third try. Many of the clients do not get positive results from other clinics but we assure you the best and positive results within a short time. Along with the most important gift of your life, we provide you moral and emotional support. Our pregnancy success rates are comparably higher than other clinics worldwide.
We have developed state-of-the-art medical laboratory where we conduct all the important tests.

Hygienic Working Place

Carbon dioxide and triple gas incubators are used in embryo culture. We have a fully equipped laboratory with all the latest and advanced technologies with superior quality filtration system keeping in mind the hygienic conditions.

K-systems Department

Advanced Fertility and Gynecology Centre possess K- systems department which offers a high-quality place to store your eggs, sperms, and embryo. ICSI machine with Olympus microscope is kept in the working place to obtain the best results and give you the positive outcome.
Intracytoplasmic Injection
This process is conducted in a condition when sperm count is low. We do not conduct this procedure for all and this may decrease the number of eggs which are to be fertilized.

Facilitate Laser Hatching

We avail the service of embryo surgery called zona drilling or laser hatching in order to soothe the covering of embryo. This process helps the embryo to come out of their coverings without harming or hurting it which helps in increasing the pregnancy rates. This is done when the embryo shell gets hard among the older women.

Spindle View Technology

Spindle view technology is a microscopic visualizing system which uses polarized light in order to safeguard the eggs and also makes it easy for our embryologist to check the characteristics of the eggs in detail and choose the superior quality eggs for the sperms. As a result, it increases the chances of pregnancy in our clients.

Protective Shielding of Eggs, Sperm, And Embryos

At Advanced Fertility and Gynecology Centre, we make sure that we provide you with the best and superior quality services. We check the egg, sperm and embryo samples very minutely and put a label on them before usage or storing it in cryo cans. Thorough check-ups are done by the embryologist to make sure that accurate samples are used. The samples are further evaluated by the senior embryologists and IVF physician before the embryo transfer.

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