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At Advance Fertility & Gyne Centre, we are engaged in providing best fertility treatment to our patients with exclusive and advanced medical technology. Our expert medical and embryology team possess a deep knowledge and experience in all angles of IVF and embryology and enjoys a higher than average success rates.

Hygienic Workpalce:

IVF lab at AFGC complies to the norms of international standards. The lab is disinfected daily to maintain the appropriate working conditions suitable for the growth of the embryos. Positive pressure is maintained with proper Air Handling unit.

Supraclean Plus:

The Supracelan plus workstation provides optimal and safe environment for oocytes, spermatocytes and embryos. The filtration system provides the clean air to the working station with most precise temperature control for the gamete handling.

The ICSI system is integrated with advanced Nikon Ti- plus with narshige manipulators to give the best results to our patients. The additional 40x lens gives you the best focus to select the morphologically best sperm to optimize the fertilization rate.

Supracelan plus

Laser Hatching:

Laser Assisted Hatching is a scientific technique which makes it easier for the embryo to breakthrough it outer shell ( Zona Pellucida). The technique provides better chances of implantation into the uterus wall thereby increasing the pregnancy rates.

The technique is best suited for:

  • Advanced Maternal age
  • Recurrent implantation failure
  • Multiple IVF failure
  • Patient with thick zona pellucida

Bench top Incubator:

Benchtop incubator system is a multi-chamber culture system with undisturbed embryo culture system, where the exposure of once chamber does not affect the internal regulated environment of the other chamber. It has control over multiple environmental variables like pH, air quality, osmolality, temperature and humidity thereby giving better fertilization and ultimately pregnancy rates.

Coda Air Purifier:

It is an air purifier with coda filters which reduces the particulate, harmful volatile compounds and chemical air borne contaminants providing the best environment to the lab and better culture conditions.

Novaerus VOC controller:

This cold Plasma Air sterilization technique destroys a wide range of virus and bacteria which are embryo toxic and controls the VOC of the environment upto 99.99% and thereby improving the quality of air in the lab further to optimize the chances of better pregnancy rates.

AFGC lab is equipped with all the latest technologies required to obtain the best pregnancy outcomes. The Embryologists are well trained in maintain the laboratory with all the quality standards. The patient identification is given the utmost priority to avoid any kind of mixing with a unique identification code from semen sample container to culture dishes and everything is double checked with the second embryologist.

We make sure we provide you the best and superior quality services and ultimately fulfill your dream of parenthood.

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