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Tubal Patency Test

 In Infertility Treatment in Female

Fallopian Tubal Patency Test is performed for evaluating tubal status and is part of day to day care procedure. The process does not require anesthesia and when properly performed, the majority of patients also do not complain of any pain. The test is used for conforming blockages/pelvic adhesion in as present in fallopian tubes. The tests are performed using different procedures including H.S.G, Laparoscopy, Gas Insufflation and others.

Test Types: Gas Insufflation

It is part of oldest assessment process for understanding tubal patency and do not require administering of general anesthesia.

Hysterosalpingography (H.S.G.)

The HSG test includes taking X-ray of uterus & fallopian tubes and is performed in X-ray department without any requirement of general anesthesia Laparoscopy: It comprises more complex procedure and is performed under general anesthesia requiring hospital admission

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