Tubal Patency Test

A Fallopian Tubal Patency Test is performed for evaluating the tubal status for any blockages/pelvic adhesions that may be present in the fallopian tubes. This process is a day procedure and does not require anesthesia when performed properly. In fact a majority of patients do not complain of any pain or discomfort. The tests are performed using different procedures like H.S.G, Laparoscopy, Gas Insufflation etc.

What is the Gas Insufflation Procedure?

One of the oldest assessment processes for understanding tubal patency and does not require general anesthesia.

What is Hysterosalpingography (H.S.G.)

The HSG test involves the X-ray of uterus & fallopian tubes and is performed without any general anesthesia.


Laparoscopy involves more complex procedures and is performed under general anesthesia requiring hospital admission.

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