Intravenous Immunoglobulin – IVIG


What is IVIG?

IVIG is a poly-specific immunoglobulin prepared from the pooled plasma of thousands of healthy donors. Since the first use of parenteral immunoglobulin in 1935, for measles, immunoglobulins have since served mankind well in the treatment of several autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as a gammaglobulinemia, ITP, Kawasaki syndrome, Guillian Barre syndrome etc.

How does it help in IVF?

Recurrent IVF failures have been attributed to an excess of proimflammatory Th1 type cytokines as compared to Th2/3 cytokines . Altered homeostasis due to deficiency or defective function of CD4+,CD25+, Fox P3+ regulatory T cells is also common in several autoimmune diseases . The use of IVIG is believed to enhance the suppressive effects of these regulatory T cells hence leading to remission of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and even better IVF outcomes.

When is IVIG indicated?

IVIG is indicated at AFGC whenever there is unexplained recurrant implantation failure. The bold tests for immune markers are expensive , difficult to interpret and have lab to lab errors. We therefore believe in giving IVIG on clinical indications.

How is it given?

IVIG is administered as a drip under supervision (as it can rarely lead to allergic reactions) in the hospital. It is given throughout the implantation time right from before the embryo implants till it reaches about 6-8 weeks of gestation.

What is our experience?

Ours is the first centre to strart low dose IVIG to minimize costs and maximize benefits. 46% out of the 124 women selected for the study had Serum Beta HCG levels which were positive for pregnancy. Of these women 42.7% went on to have a clinical pregnancy. Ever since we have administered this to thousands of patients which has given us excellent results.

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