Why Choose Our IVF?

We have a team of internationally trained and experienced staff who are well versed with latest processes and technology :-

  • In order to ensure comprehensive patient care, we have solely dedicated team for infertility management.
  • We strongly believe that this line of treatment requires informed decision making on part of patients.
  • We pay special attention in educating patients so that they can take right decision, at right time.
  • We do not follow protocols blindly & offer personalized individual attention to each and every patient.
  • Since entire treatment is available under one roof, including all diagnostic tests & medicines, it makes life simpler and convenient for every patient as well as their families.
  • We prioritize treatment on sheer merit of case and under no circumstance go for more aggressive forms, if it is possible to have treatment with lesser invasive methods like intrauterine insemination.
  • We strictly follow policy of one patient – one team with same team collecting egg, which has done ovulation induction & follicle monitoring. This is done so as to ensure consistency, which is very crucial to IVF success.
  • Our Gynecologic Endoscopy provide excellent support to our unit throughout the treatment.
  • We strictly follow international guidelines for setting up of IVF labs and have a separate spermatorium with cutting-edge andrology & culture room facilities.
  • Our laboratory is one of the most well equipped IVF labs in Northern India.
  • IVF also has ultra modern birthing center with very experienced obstetricians.
  • We also have very advanced fetal medicine unit, so if you become pregnant you can get excellent post pregnancy care at the same place.
  • Located at Delhi, India we are easily accessible from any corner of the world.

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