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We would definitely recommend your centre to everyone as the set up is exceptional.

-Dr. Yakibi

Dr. Kaberi & Dr. Bhavana are next to GOD for us. Words cannot explain our feelings for them.

It was a beautiful experience during each and every step of my treatment.

-Susan Blight


Case study 1

Patient X, 34 years old, housewife and her husband 36 years old, Doctor, married for 8 years, trying for baby since 6 months. The patient had history of epilepsy for which she was taking antiepileptic drugs.

Case Study 2

Case History

  • 25-years-old female
  • 3 years of infertility, Good AMH, Semen analysis – No sperms
  • USG – B/L ovaries PCO, Uterus normal size
Case Study 3

Case History

  • 30-years-old female
  • 3 years of infertility, Normal AMH, poor Semen analysis
  • USG – B/L ovaries & Uterus normal size
  • Previous history – Failed IUI (8 cycles)
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