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Semen Analysis

 In Infertility Treatment in male

Semen Analysis Test is the part of crucial diagnostic analysis that is performed to access child bearing probabilities of infertile couple. Here, the semen is analyzed through using WHO/more stringent Kruger criteria. For this analysis, normally three days of abstinence is needed to achieve correct semen testing.


  • Semen analysis test helps in measuring amount of semen man produces
  • Semen Testing also helps in determining number & quality of sperms in the sample
  • It is among the first tests performed for determining if man has issues regarding fathering a child

Tests that may be part of smen analysis include:

  • For measuring semen volume present in single ejaculation
  • For counting number of sperms present per milliliter (mL) of semen in single ejaculation
  • For measuring percentage of sperm bearing normal shape
  • For measuring percentage of sperm that can move forward normally
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