Tips to Get Pregnant Naturally

It is easy for some women to conceive while others have a hard time. Some couples even go to the extent of resorting to tantra, mantra, pooja and vrats in order to be able to bear a child. Unless there are some conditions existing in the husband or wife that make conception difficult it should not be too difficult to achieve. Follow these tips.

Diet and body weight

For a woman to conceive her health and physical condition should be just right. Diet is important to create conditions that enable pregnancy. Women (as well as men) need to eat healthy meals rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Zinc and selenium are especially important. Women need to consume diet rich in Vitamin C, E, B12, beta carotene and minerals. Body weight is also important. If a woman is underweight or overweight, conception is not easy so try to get to the right body weight first.


Stress can prevent pregnancy. If you wish to conceive, reduce stress. Practice yoga and pranayama. If you work too much, take time off, go on a vacation and try to get pregnant.

Ovulation and Sex

A woman ovulates 14 days from the first day of her period. Keep track of when you get your periods and try to have sex on the 14th day, a day before that and a day after. The egg has a short life once it is expelled from the ovaries and must meet sperm once it travels down the fallopian tube. Note when you ovulate. There are some symptoms such as raised body temperature and higher level of mucus in the vagina. Adopt sexual positions such as doggy and missionary and once ejaculation occurs, keep your lower body raised so that sperm does not slip out of the vagina.

Other methods – IVF and Surrogacy

The husband may have a low sperm count or may be infertile. The wife may have PCOS or other conditions that make pregnancy difficult or impossible. In such cases these base conditions should be treated so that the wife can conceive. Even when this does not result in conception there are other methods to try. One is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The wife’s egg is extracted, implanted with a healthy sperm from the husband or a donor and then implanted into her uterus. If her condition precludes pregnancy, then a surrogate mother may be found through a surrogacy clinic in Delhi.

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