IVF Treatment Cost in Delhi, India

The cost of an IVF cycle varies from Rs 1.20 lac to 2.80 lac, depending on the case. It depends on multiple factors like dose of injections, duration of injections, age of lady, weight of lady, fresh/ frozen and whether repeated failure or not.

The IVF package includes the hormonal injection used for stimulation, the oral medication and vitamins for husband and wife during IVF stimulation, doctors consultation fees and follicular monitoring during the IVF cycle. It also includes the pre anesthesia check up, anesthesia charges, OT consumables, and nursing charges. It includes all the lab charges including media, consumables, embryologist fees.

Finally it includes the egg retrieval and embryo transfer procedure. All IVF counselling support services during the procedure post ovum pick up medicines, embryo transfer and embryo freezing for 3 months is included in this package.

The IVF price varies from case to case because every individual hormonal does is not the same. For some low dose stimulation is enough but some need very high dose of gonadotropins and these are very expensive medications.

What is not included in the package is the husband and wife blood tests, sperm freezing charges, and post embryo transfer medication. 

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is done if the sperm quality is not good. If for any reason the embryos are frozen and not transferred in the same cycle frozen embryo thawing charges are separate. As we all know sometimes we need more than one IVF cycle to be successful, procedures like laser hatching of the embryos and blastocyst transfer may be indicated in some cases. Immune treatment is given for those who may have implantation failure. In very special cases dual transfer that is cleavage stage and blastocyst transfer are undertaken to improve the pregnancy rate. Each of these added cost between Rs 10,000 – Rs 25,000. The cost of donor eggs can be be an extra 1-2 lakhs INR . Testicular sperm extraction is about 50,000-75000INR

At Advance Fertility, We are very transparent about our costs and counsel everything to the patient right at the beginning of the cycle. Inclusions and exclusions are clearly explained, and there are no last minute surprises!

Wish you a pleasant treatment!

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