Every couple has a strong desire and dream to become a parent one day. A baby with full of life completes the family. The dream of parenthood doesn’t get over if you are not able to have your own baby. There are many ways and advanced technologies in today’s fast paced world through which you can get a ‘little bundle of joy’ in your arms. It is completely your personal decision whether you want to adopt a baby, go for ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) or opt for surrogacy. Just choose the option which is best for you. In order to help you out with decision making, we are providing you with a few reasons why surrogacy is the best.
Genetic relation: For some couples having their own biological baby is very essential. At least involvement of one parent is extremely important for them. And surrogacy offers them the best option in which a single parent is involved.

Active pre-natal care: One of the major benefits of getting surrogacy done from a high-quality clinic like Advanced Fertility and Gynecology Centre is that we provide extra and healthy prenatal care to all the surrogates. Your surrogates are monitored properly and we ensure that they stay in a friendly, homely and healthy environment.

Choose the surrogate:
In surrogacy, you have the total control over the type of surrogates you want to opt for. We will provide you with customized assistance and we will find surrogates according to your requirements. You can further choose among them.

Be a part of the pregnancy: The process of surrogacy allows you to be the part of your little one’s life from the very first day. We will inform you the moment the surrogate gets the pregnancy results and we also make sure that you attend medical appointments with the surrogate. Through this process, you will be able to see your baby growing day by day; you can even hear the baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound.

Legal security: There is definitely no surprise that surrogacy process comes with parental rights of the baby. Your right of parenthood will never be questioned because you and your surrogate sign a binding agreement at the initial point of the process. Well-reputed clinics like Advanced Fertility and Gynecology Centre properly evaluate the psychology of the surrogates and make sure that they do not try to claim the child later.

Short and certain:
In surrogacy, there is a slight chance that the surrogate didn’t conceive or if any miscarriage happens. But these challenges are rarely faced by any surrogate or parent. The surrogacy process does not take very long time and it is certain.

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