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Navigating IVF Treatment: Tips for Choosing the Best Doctor in Delhi NCR

The decision to undergo in vitro fertilisation can be a life-changing experience, especially when you’re guided by the best IVF doctor in Delhi NCR. This treatment offers couples struggling with fertility a pathway to parenthood and the opportunity to start their own family. Many couples choose Delhi for its superior fertility solutions and dependable medical care in their journey to becoming parents.

At Advance Fertility & Gyne Centre, we are recognised for providing the best IVF treatment in India. We understand you may have questions about choosing the right doctor, so this blog is designed to help you. Continue reading to learn more about navigating IVF treatment in Delhi and finding the right specialist. We’ll provide tips to help you make well-informed decisions and boost your confidence in IVF.

Explore fertility centres and IVF service providers

Picking a reputable fertility clinic is the fastest way to narrow the selection of IVF doctors in Delhi. Look for a facility with all the services you will need, including diagnostics, preimplantation genetic testing, laboratory procedures, and other innovative solutions that can improve your success rate. Plus, it eliminates the need to hop from one clinic to another and engage multiple doctors from different facilities.

Here at Advance Fertility & Gyne Centre, we are proud to have the best IVF doctor in Delhi NCR leading our team. Dr Kaberi Banerjee is known for her fertility expertise and compassion for patients looking to overcome infertility. In addition, she and her team provide the best IVF treatment in Indiaunder one roof. We have all the services you will need for a successful procedure, including:

  • Ovarian stimulation:

This requires daily hormone injections for 10-12 days with frequent ultrasonographic and clinical monitoring.

  • Egg retrieval:

We do this under short general anaesthesia without incisions to cause scarring.

  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) or IVF:

We either inject the sperm into the egg (ICSI) or mix the egg with the sperm (IVF).

  • Culturing:

Once the egg is fertilised, we culture the embryo in our laboratory for 2-6 days.

  • Embryo transfer:

The doctor carefully selects the best 2 to 3 embryos for transfer into your womb on the second or third day.

  • Blastocyst transfer:

Depending on your case, Dr. Banerjee performs blastocyst transfer on the 5th or 6th day.

  • Pregnancy test:

We do this 10 to 14 days after the embryo transfer.

Look for a doctor who cares

Going through IVF can be a sensitive time, and this calls for a truly compassionate specialist — someone who won’t make you feel insecure, scared, and doubtful. Dr Banerjee stands out as one of the best IVF doctors in Delhi NCR because she will be with you every step of the way. Plus, she educates patients to help them make informed choices.

Here at Advance Fertility & Gyne Centre, we also strictly follow a policy of one team for every patient, and this allows us to provide the best IVF treatment in India. The same team of professionals will work with you throughout the procedure and look after you even after your treatment to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a successful birth. Our clinician is available throughout the month, not just during your IVF cycle.

Verify the doctor’s credentials and IVF experience

Dr. Banerjee is often described as the best IVF doctor in Delhi NCR for her extensive experience in infertility management and treatment, and she has the education, qualifications, international exposure, and credentials backing her expertise. Moreover, she is actively involved in finding ways to overcome infertility issues to ensure that she and her team can consistently deliver the best IVF treatment in India.

Can the doctor handle complex cases?

In case of failed IVF cycles, you can benefit from seeing an expert who can handle such a case and other complex situations. Dr Banerjee continues to prove herself as the best IVF doctor in Delhi NCR for her ability to help couples dealing with IVF failure cycles. These instances require the best IVF treatment in India to address poor egg quality, a damaged uterine lining, or low sperm quality.

Here at Advance Fertility & Gyne Centre, we can modify IVF cycles to optimise the treatment and improve the chances of desirable outcomes. Our team has a track record of supporting couples in overcoming failed pregnancy attempts, even those who are uncertain about the reasons why they are failing IVF.

Choose a doctor who eliminates the guesswork

Dr Banerjee is known for her ability to offer individualised patient care, making her the best IVF doctor in Delhi NCR. With her team here at Advance Fertility, she takes the guesswork out of planning your treatment. We tailor the best IVF treatment in Indiato the specific needs of every patient and carefully explain the procedure in a friendly, understandable way. Additionally, we advise patients on preparing for their procedure and the precautions they must take after IVF.

One Lab to Ensure the best success rates

Dr Kaberi Banerjee has  the IVF lab associated at  the same premise as Lajpat Nagar, where she consults and prepares the patients for IVF. She does not believe in visiting multiple centres and operating in multiple IVF labs as she strongly compromises the success rates. Since 2004, where she trained in  UK in the best IVF centres of the world, she was closely associated with the Embryology laboratory as well as the clinical aspect of IVF. Most of the centres abroad also run in the same model where the main clinician operates from a single centre and lab which maintains quality control. Dr Kaberi Banerjee has a strict watch on the lab protocols, lab audits and results. This is very different when you work at a lab outside your control where many doctors and embryologists use the same lab. In such case you may not have a  direct say or access over the lab performance indicators, which may directly reflect the pregnancy outcomes

Dr Banerjee is known for her high success rates. We have a track record of 50-60% success on the first attempt and up to 90% on the second or third attempts. Rest assured that we always strive to provide the best IVF treatment in India so you can walk out satisfied and ready to raise your own family.

In addition, we can advise you on healthy lifestyle habits to improve your chances of successful outcomes. Plus, we offer the best IVF treatment in India for multiple attempts when necessary.

Consult Dr Banerjee about IVF

Meet the best IVF doctor in Delhi NCR and experience the best IVF treatment in India. Use the form on this website to send a message, or call +91-9871250235 to book an appointment.

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