My first IVF Cycle was unsuccessful. What Should I Do Next?

IVF Cycle failures are probable so if you have come across such an instance don’t let it get to the worst of you. It is only feasible to have a keen sense of will and understanding at such stressful times. There are many reasons as to why IVF Cycle’s don’t end successfully. One of such is the genetically-flawed quality of an embryo.

Let us go through some of the major reasons for such a procedure’s failure.


When we say old eggs, we mean old people who bear such eggs. IVF success can be very well predicted by verifying the age of the female. It is a natural cycle for humans to get old and as women do so does their eggs.

In this case, fewer eggs will get produced and qualities will likely be flawed with chromosomal defects. This process of aging generally starts during the 30s and as one reaches her late 30s the rate at which quality declines will increase.

According to a recent survey (the CDC Report of 2011 initiated by the American Government) the chances of a 32-35-year-old woman yielding healthy eggs is a mere 32%. Women who have crossed their 40’s has a 12% chance and the numbers lessen as the years advance.


The embryo cannot implant if it is unhealthy. It cannot grow either due to genetic or chromosomal disruptions within. Old eggs are a reason why embryo qualities tend to disintegrate as well.

Hormonal Necessities

The ovary produces more eggs as a response to the medications taken for fertility. However, ovaries sometimes produce a lesser number of eggs than what’s supposed to be expected. This happens due to hormonal imbalance.

For instance, an excess of Follicle Stimulating Hormone can result in less production or loss of eggs. Age is also a crucial factor. If a woman crosses the age of 35 such problems are likely to occur.

So, what can be done?

Firstly, consult your fertility expert properly and assure that whatever solution they come up with is well ordained. For instance, many solutions can arise by studying previous fertility test reports. If the doctor finds flaws with the ovarian response and production of eggs, he/she may change the medicines/drugs that was provided the previous time.

PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) is also a remedial solution, especially for the aged ones. The process initially starts by collecting a biopsy, which is extracted from the embryo. The doctor can study the cells and chromosome number. It then allows the expert to select healthier embryos, ones that do not contain genetic or chromosomal instabilities.

Sometimes age does not seem to matter, and embryos might also seem healthy. In such cases the failure of an IVF Cycle is simply an unfortunate incident and the second or third trial should probably work out well.


Firstly, what we can conclude about such happenings is that all factors and issues aren’t addressable to a satiable level. However, many of these issues can be dealt with simply by studying former results, the causes for failure and likewise take steps to assure the success of the next cycle.

Women can also take simple steps at home to maintain a healthy schedule. This includes a proper nutritional diet, no smoking, less drinking and less obsession/stress. Daily exercise or yoga is also suitable for a healthy livelihood.

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