IVF Center in NOIDA/Delhi with Highest Success Rate

IVF is a wonderful solution for couples who find it difficult to get a child the normal way. Hundreds of IVF clinics have sprung up all over the country and offer services that result in the couple becoming happy parents. However, the success rate differs. Since IVF is an expensive and time-consuming process, it is advisable for couples to choose only the best one with the highest success rate. The success rate depends on expertise of health care professionals in the clinic and how meticulous they are in carrying out the IVF process.

The normal IVF process is to extract an egg from the wife and then fertilize it with sperm obtained from the husband or from a donor and then implant it back into her uterus. Success of this procedure depends on various factors:

Egg maturation: IVF centers that have high success rates usually have experts who can determine precisely when the egg is at the right stage to be fertilized by a sperm and develop into a healthy embryo.

Tests: Couples that seek IVF must undergo extensive testing. The male partner is tested for sperm count and quality as well as motility to determine if his sperm can successfully fertilize his wife’s egg. The wife undergoes even more series of tests that may include tests for PCOS, hormone balance and other conditions. Irregularities need to be addressed and resolved before the actual process of IVF can commence. If necessary doctors in the IVF center will give treatments that will regulate hormonal functions. Good IVF clinics do not take a short cut in this process.

Embryo: A quality IVF center must have a quality embryology pathology. Embryology is important to achieve best fertilization and quality of the embryologist. Good IVF centers will test embryo to make sure they have all 46 chromosomes present before transferring it to the uterus for successful pregnancy.

Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation: This plays a vital role in optimizing follicle and egg development while shielding against androgens. Carefully personalized treatment needs to be carried out with precision timing for delivery of the human chorionic gonadotropin or LHr to trigger ovulation and harvest the egg.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection: This is method adopted by successful IVF centers in Delhi in which even if the sperm of husband is not deemed to be of sufficient quality, an active sperm can be identified and separated and used to fertilize the wife’s egg in carefully controlled conditions.

Then there are the uterine receptivity tests and the embryo transfer process, which is like a fine art that only few doctors are expert in. Successful IVF centers usually have doctors who are very adept in this art.

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