Is IVF Treatment safe for elderly couples

A couple, from Andhra Pradesh who made international headlines this week for becoming the world’s oldest parents went home with their twin girls on Sunday. 80-year old Raja Rao and 74-year old Mangayamma used IVF to finally have children, after not being able to conceive for 57 years. But the very fact of an 80-year old and a 74-year old becoming parents has led to a growing controversy, with some doctors’ groups even issuing a statement, saying this is a deplorable omission of ethics, morality and misuse of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies. They have demanded that IVF procedures should have an outer age limit of 45 years. On Left, Right & Centre we discuss why is this still a grey area in our laws? And is IVF for the elderly a triumph of medical science or just plain unethical?

Our IVF expert Dr. Kaberi Banerjee stated that guidelines have been there for the upper age limit, but it is yet to be considered as a law. Therefore, a woman only risks his life when becoming a mother post her 50s.

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