The process of IVF involves going through different stages like, consultation, hormonal injections for about 2 weeks, egg collection under anesthesia followed by embryo transfer or embryo freezing.

It is like a roller coaster journey full of emotions like anxiety and uncertainty. The emotions are heightened, and it is physically demanding too. However, by following simple do’s and don’ts chances of success can be increased.

One must keep a healthy weight if you are planning for an IVF cycle. Obesity may lead to hormonal imbalance, IVF failures and miscarriages. You must exercise daily like 30-45 min walk, yoga, and breathing exercise.

Keeping yourself hydrated is also very important during the entire IVF cycle, as the high doses of hormonal injections can make your body dehyrdated and you may feel constipated. One must drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day.

One must maintain a normal blood sugar level before proceeding for IVF . Deranged sugar levels increases maternal complications and fetal anomalies.

You should avoid smoking, alcohol if you are planning for IVF . You should follow a healthy lifestyle, and must eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins like fish and poultry, whole grains, low fat fairy, legumes, healthy fats, cut out salt, avoid sugars, red meat and highly processed food.

Supplements like folic acid , vitamin D and omega three fattyacid may be added.

You must take a sound sleep of 8 hours and reduce your stress levels. You can read a good book, do pranayama, breathing exercises, engage in healthy conversation and quality time with family and friends .

It is as crucial for men to follow a similar lifestyle as women to improve the sperm quality.

One must consult a good doctor with a good embryology team as this is the most important part for an IVF success. A good doctor will understand you, diagnose better and will advise the best treatment possible for the successful pregnancy outcome. Not every patient is an IVF candidate, some can be treated with medicines also.

As they say “Patience is the Key to success”. This implies to IVF very aptly. IVF success is not 100% or guaranteed. Sometimes it just takes one go and sometimes may be 2-4 cycles for a positive outcome. So, you must be persistent and patient when you have made up your mind to go for an IVF cycle and always be hopeful and positive irrespective of the outcome. It may be hard but you must trust and follow the advice of your doctor.

Both the partner must follow some simple but very important steps together in this difficult journey. This is not only difficult for female partner but, both must be equally involved in the entire process so that it becomes easier and smooth for both of them.

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