Donor Selection

Donor eggs are used in cases of poor oocyte quality and poor oocyte reserve due to advanced age, due to ovarian surgery, exposure to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and also in genetic disorders.

The donor is matched according to blood group, height, weight, skin color, eye color and hair color and other physical characteristics. The attempt would be to make the child look as similar to the parents. However, one must realize that even brothers and sisters in the same family may look very different even though they are from the same genetic parents. We have donors from all parts of the country to match with the physical profile of each couple.

Criteria to select the donor:

  • Egg donors are healthy young women, usually between ages 21 and 30. (As per ICMR guidelines – the age of the donor must not be less than 21 or more than 35 years).
  • Egg donors undergo screening, which includes a thorough medical history, physical exam, and egg reserve tests (Transvaginal scan to check antral follicle count and AMH blood test) to determine if she is likely to be a good donor candidate.
  • If she is found to be a good candidate – further investigations will be done which includes blood group, complete blood count, thyroid testing, blood sugar, thalassemia screening, infection screening – HIV, hepatitis B & C, VDRL to rule out syphilis. If these reports are normal, then she can be considered as egg donor.

Donor Egg Sources and Profiles:

  • The sources of the egg donors are from verified ART banks.
  • They could be from lower to middle class background or could even be college educated.
  • We will be able to share their profiles if you so desire mentioning height, weight, age, educational qualifications, profession, color of the skin, hair and the eyes, and the family background in respect of history of any familial disorder.
  • The ICMR guidelines allow   egg donation, provided it is anonymous and confidential. The egg donor has no rights over the child and signs a contract -cum-consent with the clinic, agreeing to this. As per ICMR guidelines, donor should be anonymous and the couple cannot meet/ see the donor.

Many a times the couples wonder how the child will look like. We choose the donor as closely as possible to the recipient, however, it is difficult to guarantee how exactly the child will look like. As one may have noticed even in families with natural conception children’s looks sometimes are not exactly like the parents as it depends on multiple factors.

Science has still not proceeded to the stage where we can always correct poor egg quality. Hence, we need to resort to donor eggs. It is one of the best advances in the field of fertility. Many women who have chosen this method have often returned and expressed their happiness and how they do not regret the decision one bit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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