The Best Destination for IVF Treatment and Medical Care

India has emerged as one of the leading centre of medical sciences and treatments over the last few years mainly for its ability to offer a low cost medical attention. India is now one of the leading countries in Medical sciences and its development as the country has been producing thousands of qualified medical practitioners each year. This ability of the country has placed itself on the global level as one of the major role player. India’s low-cost IVF treatment and medical facility has attracted so many foreigners as medical tourist over the last decade.

India is a country which has numerous potential and capabilities. Keeping this in mind we can get a rough idea about the medical cost in the country. The 2015 medical tourism market reported that the cost of seeking any medical attention in India is about one-tenth of that of the cost in the United States. India’s medical facility is one of the lowest cost and highest quality of the entire medical tourism destination across the globe. Looking into India, Delhi the capital city of India has the highest IVF fertility tourist as the capital state also has the highest number of hospitals, clinics and doctors in the country. It is also home to the best medical institutes and hospitals in the whole of India.

Delhi has almost all the specialized doctors of the country in its hospitals and clinics. The highest numbers of medical tourism to Delhi comes for IVF Treatment as Delhi has many specialized doctors like Dr. Kaberi Banerjee and probably the best IVF doctors, practicing fertility treatment at a very low cost when compared to any other country. Delhi is also home to the best IVF centre in the entire globe. India and particularly Delhi has brought smiles to thousands of faces whose dream of having a baby was shattered.

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Disclaimer - Dr Kaberi is not associated with any Hosptial/Clinic other than "Advanced Fertility and Gyne Center (AFGC)". AFGC has only four centers at present 1. "Lajpat Nagar" 2. "CR Park Delhi" 3. "Noida" 4. "Gurgaon".