10 Early Signs of Infertility

Irregular periods: Women who have irregular periods may have polycystic ovaries or ovarian insufficiency. They should seek early treatment for infertility.

Advancing age esp female: In women after 35, the egg quality reduces substantially therefore fertility treatment must start early in women with advancing age.

Severe pain during periods: Fibroid, Polyp and Endometriosis can cause severe pain during period, such women should seek fertility treatment soon.

Excessive weight gain and body hair: Women with Polycystic ovaries may become obese and have excessive body hair, this is due to hormonal imbalances which leads to poor ovarian maturation and infertility.

Scanty periods: Hormonal imbalance, tuberculosis and previous DNC can lead to scanty periods, these women may have difficulty in conceiving.

Pelvic infection in women: Tuberculosis and Chlamydia may cause pelvic infection and such infection can lead to tubal damage. Such women will need early intervention for fertility treatment.

Low libido in men: Low levels of testosterone may lead to low libido and such men should check their sperm count if they are contemplating family.

Obesity in men: Obesity can lead to low libido and low testosterone levels in the body. Such men should adopt lifestyle measures and seek fertility treatment early.

Pain during intercourse: For men pain during intercourse may signifies infection and they need to shoe to a urologist and for women it signifies pelvic infection and they need anti-biotic treatment. In both case the reproductive system may be affected and they should seek treatment if they are planning for pregnancy.

Scanty body hair in men: This is an indication of low testosterone levels and sperm count may be affected in such men.

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