Male Infertility Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

One out of five infertility couples, male infertility is the cause of the infertility problem. It is a very common issue due to which reproduction stops. The entire world is suffering from this issue irrespective of any region or religion. Any male can have this problem, it’s very common.

How to find if the male partner is facing infertility issues? Is there any sign?

Absolutely not. There can nothing be visible from outside. No signs, no symptoms. The male partner will himself not know that he is suffering from an infertility issue. The male partner having an infertility issue can enjoy intercourse same like the others who don’t have any issues. The erection and ejaculation will also happen nicely, with no visible signs.

So. when can we get to know about this problem in the male body?

When after many successful intercourses if the couple is unable to produce a baby, normally they will go for a reproductive test. After doing several checkups and with samples from both the partners, finally, the problem can be diagnosed.

What are the causes of male infertility?

The male partner is solely responsible for this kind of infertility and there can be three main reasons for what the male partner can suffer from this issue. They are Azoospermia, Oligospermia, and Loss of Libido. The male semen looks absolutely normal. The quantity and appearance are perfectly alright if you see them closely. But, if the male partner has the infertility issue then it is due to azoospermia, oligospermia or loss of libido syndromes. After doing several tests the actual reason can be found.


Azoospermia disease can be found in 1% of the total male population and in 20% of the total male infertility problems. Azoospermia can be of three different types such as pre-testicular azoospermia, testicular azoospermia, and post-testicular azoospermia. This disease can take place when no measurable amount of sperm can be found in the male semen.


When the concentration of the sperm is lower than the optimum level, this disease takes place. This disease can be for a temporary period or for the long term. If in case, the sperm concentration reduces, the disease can happen which can go away soon if it is treated well. When the amount of sperm goes below 15 million/ml it will be considered as a low concentrated sperm. As there is no particular medicine available for this disease, ayurvedic treatment can be suggested.

Loss of Libido

This is not actually a disease and it can be cured when the partners are eager to overcome this issue. This happens due to poor metabolism, poor diet, extra hard work, depression, anxiety, huge alcohol consumption, and heavy smoking, etc. The partners or either of the partner does not feel to go for intercourse or don’t get the energy to do so. There are several ayurvedic treatments available which can completely cure this disease.

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