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How to Choose your Doctors?

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The net can be both a boon and a bane. With no monitoring authority to govern clinics, everyone is claiming to be the best. Most gynaecologists now profess to be infertility and IVF experts. You must be sure that.

There is established consistent successes from the doctor’s treatment. This can be easily got from word of mouth publicity. You can even ask the clinic to give references of patients ( not just one or two)

The doctor is well trained in this field. This usually involves 2 years of vigorous training. It is not enough to be a observer in a center for 2 weeks.

The doctor is associated with a good center with all facilities,like sterile lab, micromanipulator with good maintenance and quality control.

The doctor and the team gives you all information with transparency, empathy dignity and privacy. Criteria like closer to home,convenient timings should not be major factors in helping you make this important life changing decision. Also remember cheap treatment does not mean good treatment.

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