ASRM & Embryology Allied Conference – 2017, USA

ASRM 2017- San Antonio, USA

The ASRM conference took place in St. Antonio USA, from October 25th – November, 1st 2017. It is an annual conference held in the United states every year, where reproductive specialists and embryologists from all over the world gather to share their opinion and new frontiers.

This time the emphasis in ASRM was on frozen vs fresh transfer, stem cells, CRISPER technology & PGS.

I was privileged to represent the Indian Society of Reproductive Association at ASRM. There was a panel discussion on optimizing IVF results. We debated on newer technologies like- delayed transfer, blastocyst, PGS & sequential transfer to improve outcomes. There was also emphasis on improving quality control of the Embryology Laboratories all across India.

Embryology Allied 2017- Chicago, USA

We were invited for an oral presentation on successful pregnancy with retrograde ejaculation a case report. We presented this unique case where the couple was suffering from Infertility for more than 5 years. The man did not have any sperms in his ejaculate. The sperms would back flow into the urinary bladder. The sperms were retrieved from the urinary bladder and Intra Cytoplasmic sperm injection was performed on the eggs obtained from his wife. This resulted in a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby girl was born. This was a challenging and unique case.

I was honored to be offered the keynote lecture on Recurrent Implantation Failure. IVF has a success rate of 50-60% at best in each attempt. The various reasons of failure and their treatment was discussed. We can correct the uterine cavity, treat the hydrosalpinx, do hysteroscopy followed by endometrial scratching. Improving stimulation protocol, delayed transfer, giving IVIg, Low Molecular weight Heparin and Assisted Hatching followed by sequential transfer and PGS are few strategies to improve the pregnancy outcomes.

Overall Advance Fertility and Gynaecology Centre along with providing consistently good patient care and results.

Is also focusing on publication and presentation of academic work in infertility both nationally and internationally.

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