AFGC Expands to CIS Countries, Starts With a Camp in Kyrgyzstan

Advance Fertility and Gynecology Center is going from strength to strength. Close on the heels of opening of its NOIDA center came an invitation from one of the CIS countries to conduct a camp to treat infertility. The request came from Kyrgyzstan and Dr Banerjee and her team promptly took off to give couples of Kyrgyzstan hope of having a happy family.

Couples in Kyrgyzstan face the same issues that couples in India or anywhere else in the world do: one of infertility and inability to bring a child into this world. Dr Banerjee, with her qualifications and expertise in various infertility treatments created a name for herself and the clinic throughout India.

Advance Fertility offers IVF, IUI, gynec surgery, infertility treatment for males and females, and intracytoplasmic sperm injections to enable couples to have a child. The clinic has achieved high rate of success through these channels of treatments in India. Word of Dr Banerjee’s expertise spread abroad and it was only a matter of time to organize a consultation camp in Kyrgyzstan.

Couples were invited for consultation and were examined by Dr Banerjee and her team. Their reports were analyzed and each one received advice as well as hope of having a child. Couples who could not afford treatments in Western Europe due to high prevailing costs or other limitations were happy to attend the camp and receive expert consultation. Advance Fertility has given such couples new hope and brought a ray of sunshine into their lives.

It is likely that Advance Fertility will conduct more such camps in Kyrggyzstan in future. Meanwhile couples were tested and were given detailed information about possible future course of action that would help them realize their dream. Where treatment is indicated couples were invited to the Advance fertility clinic in Delhi to undergo worldclass treatments at a fraction of the cost they would incur in Europe or the US.

It is likely that Advance Fertility clinic may establish a clinic in Kyrgyzstan in future with local cooperation.. Such treatment facility may even be set up in existing clinics and hospitals in the country. Couples from other CIS countries can easily travel to Kyrgyzstan for consultation and treatment in future. Till then they are always welcome to India for infertility treatment and enjoy a vacation too.

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