December 2019

Low Egg/Overian Reserve

Low Egg/Ovarian Reserve

What do you mean by diminished egg/ovarian reserves? It is a condition of low fertility, when a female has low no. of eggs remaining in the ovaries or impaired egg development or recruitment. Causes of Low Egg/Ovarian Reserve? Low egg reserve may be because of advanced maternal age, premature ovarian failure, genetics, prior ovarian surgery, …

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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

What is Recurrent pregnancy loss? Recurrent pregnancy loss is habitual abortion i.e., 3 consecutive pregnancy loss prior to 20 weeks from last menstrual periods. Causes of pregnancy loss? Recurrent pregnancy loss is due to genetic or chromosomal problems of the embryos, or structural problem of the uterus. Treatment? Treatment involves a range of options including …

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What Is Azoospermia? Azoospermia is a medical condition of a man whose semen contains no sperm. In humans, Azoospermia affects about 1% of the male population and may be seen in upto 20 % of male infertility situations. What causes Azoospermia? A lack of sperm in the ejaculate can be due to the blockage of …

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